February 4, 2011

Cop talk: it's a special language

I happened to catch the following on TV and through the miracle of TiVo, was able to play it back to ensure that I recorded the words faithfully. 

At a press conference, a police spokesperson was answering questions about an elderly couple who had been brutally murdered.

The reporter asked, "Were they killed with a hammer?"

And the police spokesperson replied:

"A hammer was, in fact, an instrumentality causing blunt trauma injuries to both of the deceaseds."

I love this stuff. They have their very own language. I get a kick out of hearing the self-conscious, tortured phrasing they come up with. Their words are an attempt to put a police shroud over everything, to claim the death as their own. So they make things as opaque as possible and sound ridiculous doing so. Still, it's kinda cute.


Artichoke Annie said...

Buzz words of the business. "Has there been a murder?" - J.Fletcher

writenow said...

I don't get the reference. Never did read detective novels. Is that what the quote refers to?