December 18, 2010

Predators eat own future

So the Republicans successfully filibustered the DREAM Act today. Congratulations and shout-outs to all the Republican pigs. Go, pigs!

The image I have when I hear the word "Republican" is this: I see a circle of predatory birds standing around the last burrow of a species (say a worm) on which they live exclusively. Their beady little eyes are focused on the tiny hole in the ground from which the worms' babies emerge. And as the last couple of dying worms release their last progeny and a baby emerges from the hole, one of the birds pounces on it and eats it. This is repeated until no more worms emerge and the species is forever extinct. Now there's nothing for the birds to live on, but they only care that that their bellies are full.

Immigrants are our future. Allowing them to become educated enhances that future. Predicating citizenship upon enrollment in college is one of the best ideas to emerge in ages. And bolstering our military by offering citizenship for armed service is also a wonderful idea.

Killed, DOA, by a bunch of hungry, short-sighted Republican birds. 

And on the very same day, Don't Ask, Don't Tell has finally been repealed. This is great and I posted my "hoorays" over at Joe.My.God. (But I worry about the roll-out of the new policy. I figure they'll screw it up somehow.)

Wouldn't it have been great if DADT was repealed today and the DREAM Act passed? It might have felt like there was some hope for our country. Still, we take what we can get. Congratulations to Dan Choi, the brave man who championed the repeal of DADT while in uniform. He has every right to feel proud today.

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