December 22, 2010

Don't get fooled

While everyone is cheering the president's signing of the repeal of DADT today (you know, the bill he never fought for), we remain a filthy, craven country.

Digby today reports that they are waking Pfc. Bradley Manning every five minutes while he's in isolation, although he has been charged with no crime, and certainly hasn't been convicted of any crime.

They're using sleep deprivation (torture) to get him to lie and turn on Julian Assange. (I can't link to the post directly since Digby doesn't separate her posts for direct linking. Click here to visit Digby's site.)

This is no longer my country. No matter how much lipstick they put on the pig (DADT repeal, for instance), the United States is a terroristic, torturing nation that pays no attention its own Constitution. I could not be more ashamed of our country.

Oh, look, there goes a drone on its mission to kill another innocent Afghan family!

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