December 28, 2010

About this blogging thing

After nearly two months, I have to say I'm enjoying blogging. It's a lot of fun and provides another outlet for my endless urge to write. It's easy to do and I certainly never feel pressured to produce the next post. Coming up with ideas is what my brain does. So blogging seems a very normal and natural thing to me.

In the days before I began to write fiction I would write endless email and letters. I always tried to amuse my correspondents and I think I was successful for the most part. That was how I got my writing rocks off. It worked for a time.

It was fun but then one day I noticed how limiting this was. After all, who was I reaching? One friend, period. That was nice in its way but was that all I could do with my writing? Once this thought came along it changed everything. Eventually it caused me to break out and starting writing novels.

And now there's blogging. For me, this is not only new and fun, it also presents all sorts of possibilities for connecting with new readers. I'm grateful to have this new avenue for my writing.

I don't know if anyone's reading what I post here (except for my one loyal commenter -- may she live a long and fabulous life!) but the possibility is there. With each new post I could connect with a new reader. It's not quite like having a book published and gaining throngs of readers but it's a mini version of that and I'm glad to have it. 

Blogging is great. Now if only some folks other than my one trusted commenter would leave evidence that they had been here. If only.

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