December 10, 2010

Big screens: the good and the bad

My new iMac is a 27" model. That's a lotta screen. Mostly, I'm in heaven. And it's fast. It's got so much RAM that it does things even before you tell it to. Well, maybe not, but close.

So here's Apple, the coolest company ever, selling these computers with huge-ass screens and there's this teensy problem, literally. The menus on all the programs are so tiny that you can't see them. Everything scales up to fit the new screen except the menus. They stay tiny, as if they think they're still on a 13-inch MacBook.

Same with iTunes. I can't buy anything at the store because the type is so small. You have to be 7 or 8 years old to read it. Teeny albums with teenier words -- how does this make sense? You're Apple, fer dog's sake. You made this huge screen. Scale up your damn system fonts! We shouldn't have to tell you this.

UPDATE: I turned on Universal Access. Now at least I can zoom my menus. I'm thankful there's a work-around but we should not have to do this.

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