December 19, 2010

Next blog

At the top of this page, you see the "Next Blog" link. It's tempting and I think lots of us click it just to see where it leads.

It's very strange how Blogger organizes this. One day you'll click Next Blog and encounter eight insane religious blogs before you run from the computer in shock and horror. Another day you'll encounter ten Chinese blogs that use an alphabet you don't understand. (I did see some cool Shanghai blogs that day, in English, no less.) The next day the link brought me to a bunch of family blogs. They come in themes, it seems. (I wonder if they ever schedule "Atheist Blog Day". Something tells me they don't.)

After grokking this, I finally came to understand the mystery of the "Stats" page for users on Blogger. Before then, I had been looking at my "Audience" stats, thinking "Gee, lots of people in Singapore like me. And in Malaysia too." But it was just that folks in those countries mindlessly clicked "Next Blog" and it happened to be Northeast US Blogs Day. That's all. Sob. I'm not popular in Slovenia, after all!

Ah well, it was a fun fantasy for a while.

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