January 16, 2014

Slimy Vatican tactics at the UN

If you thought Pope Francis changed everything, think again. The U.N. is looking into the, you know, child-raping that Catholic priests engage in without ever facing legal consequences.

The link leads to a BBC story about a UN panel that demanded answers from the "Holy See", in the person of Archbishop Tomasi. Just listen to the responses made by the Vatican rep:
At the Geneva hearing, CRC member Sara Oviedo said: "The Holy See has not established any mechanism to investigate those accused of perpetrating sexual abuse, nor to prosecute them."

Another question from the panel asked why the Vatican continued to describe abuse as an offence against morals rather than a crime against children.

"Does the Holy See believe that paedophilia is something that can be successfully overcome?" was another question.

"To prevent abuse of minors is a real, immediate concern," Archbishop Tomasi said.

On prosecution of offenders, he said priests were "not functionaries of the Vatican but citizens of their countries and fall under the jurisdiction of their own countries".

When asked if the Vatican would hand over Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, a Polish papal envoy recalled from the Dominican Republic in September amid claims of sexual abuse there, Archbishop Tomasi said he was being investigated by the Vatican's own prosecutors.

A member of the CRC asked about the Church's practice of moving priests suspected of abuse.

"The question of what I would call offender mobility is of great concern," said Bishop Charles Scicluna, the Vatican's former chief prosecutor of clerical sexual abuse. "It is a no-go simply to move people from one diocese to another... That is policy that has to be followed."
Every one of those responses is craven. It's like the Vatican thinks there is nothing to apologize for, nothing to fix, no reason to invite criminal investigation of the rapes. Hey, Pope Francis: new leaf, my ass -- or rather, the kids' asses. The church sounds like the goddamn mafia -- or some lowlife firm hired to defend the GOP.

These aren't the responses of "moral" people. They're excuses and prevarications that make no sense and have no reality at their core. The church is doing absolutely nothing to stop the child-raping proclivities of its priests. And they don't believe they're responsible for any of it. Not. One. Thing.

Hey, pope Frankie, either you get real or some legal entity needs to figure out how to jail the thousands of priests that you're protecting. And then you need to hold massive meetings at the "Holy See" to try and figure out if any of you have a clue what the word "morality" means. Good luck with that.

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