January 28, 2014

A polar vortex love affair

That's a picture of my new love. It's a Zippo Hand Warmer and I'll never let go of mine. Never!

I guess I saw ads for these things now and then. The product looked like a zippo lighter, only larger. Didn't seem interesting so I never considered buying one. A hand warmer? Whatever for?

And then the polar vortex arrived and my hands turned to stone -- cold, icy stone. Suddenly the idea of a hand warmer seemed appealing. So I ordered two.

They arrived yesterday and as I sit here typing, there are two warm thingies in the pockets of my polartec vest. It is such a treat to be able to stick my hands in my pockets and find, of all things warmth. They're just the right temperature: cozy-like.

When I ordered them, I thought they were the size of a Zippo lighter. Not so. They're much larger, about the size of the palm of your hand (or a large deck of cards). The edges are rounded and eminently huggable, and it comes with a velvet pouch (or more likely, something similar to velvet). You have to keep it in the pouch so it doesn't heat up too much. The pouch limits the amount of air available to it.

Yes, there's a flame in there but you never see it. After a day of use, I don't think it's dangerous, as long as you're careful. (For instance, they can't be shut off. So you have to put them in a fireproof receptacle at the end of the day.) And did I mention the end result is that you have a nice, warm, velvety-soft thing in your pocket? On cold days, the thrill never ends.

I'm in love and I'll never let go. And darn you all for not telling me about this product sooner. Mmmmm. Warmth.


Artichoke Annie said...

Great, they arrived just in time for the Super Bowl game. ;-)

writenow said...

True. However, I'm not going to watch the Super Bowl. I didn't watch last year's either -- after the 49ers went anti-gay just a week before game day. Talk about a buzz kill.

This year, it's the blowhard announcers. They drive me crazy. And then there's the games themselves. Early in the season, the games seem interesting. But then the field narrows at the end...and I get bored. Have fun, though. Don't let me stop you. But I'm waiting for baseball. Now there's a real sport (with nice announcers).

Artichoke Annie said...

My Maupin books arrive tomorrow. I think I will just snuggle up and read. Do wish I had a fireplace that would be nice.

I only glance at football these days and when all the "drama" begins I think of it as a soap opera.

writenow said...

Oy, the drama. Testosterone is a very boring thing. Good luck with Armistead Maupin. You are going to love those books. I envy you, having it all ahead of you. K

cm said...

Please be careful with those hand warmers.

writenow said...

Thanks, I will. But they seem pretty safe. And in about 1 million reviews on Amazon no one mentioned a problem with safety. These things have been around forever. I guess they worked the kinks out.