January 22, 2014

Polar vortex strikes again

Jeebus! It's -2.7 degrees outside with winds gusting up to 19 mph. And they say this time it'll last two weeks. Two weeks!

No way I'm going outside today. I opened the door to feed the birds and squirrels, and that's it for door-opening. I'm set for the duration.

But it's pretty weird. I don't remember cold like this in NY. Then again, we former hippies don't have much in the memory department. Lotsa rainbows -- that, I recall. Pretty! But other stuff? Not so much.

Don't forget to feed the wild animals today. They need our help. Also, keep your pets inside and call your elderly friends to see if they need food, help or heat. Remember, we're all in this together.

So how are you handling the cold? I know it's even colder in other areas of the US. Brrrrrrr.

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cm said...

I stayed home from work today. That's how I handled today. Tomorrow's another story. I guess I'll have to add another layer of clothes if I do go back to work tomorrow. One day at a time I guess.