January 1, 2014

Colorado's "brazen" experiment

Updated to include Wikipedia Commons photo credit. 

I love all the articles today about how Colorado's roll-out of legal pot is being "watched carefully". Indeed.

And who's watching? Is it that crowd of drunk people over there, staggering through the streets? Let's hope they include drunk people among the observers who are watching this "carefully". After all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with alcohol.

The fact that most people in prison are there for things they did while drunk is completely irrelevant. And the fact that you can count the fatal car accidents caused by drunks by the minute has no bearing at all on this brazen experiment.

I hope the powers that be won't discriminate against drunk people by preventing them from voting on this important social experiment. That would be discriminatory. And we wouldn't want to miss out on their wisdom. Sure their words will be slurred, but what can you do? Alcohol affects people. 

Seriously, let's hope a lot of drunks are hired to watch this pot roll-out. It is they who will know for sure if it's okay to sell legal pot. Just keep them drunk and drive them around in cars to observe the goings-on. It's sure to work because drunks notice everything.

Legal pot, indeed. Damn hippies! If we want to remain Number 1, we gotta keep America drunk!!! U!S!A! U!S!A! U!S!A!

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons


Artichoke Annie said...

I'm reading your posts. I just don't have anything to say. But I know you can feel my presence, right?

writenow said...

You are omnipresent. This I know. Kinda comforts me now and then.