January 27, 2014

Crazy news from today

First, we have the New Yorker's splendid cover, featuring self-absorbed nitwit, Vladimir Putin. The New Yorker's on a roll lately. If this is the first time you're seeing the cover, click to make it larger so you can see the faces of the spectators. Marvelous image!

Next, we have two stories that you would hope are satirical -- but seem to be true. Both are from Jerry Coyne's blog:

1. Nigerian woman disowns "gay cat".
2. Muslim sensitivity leads to blacked-out faces of pigs

Jeebus. I urge my readers to try and do something sensible today, to counter the nonsense running non-stop through people's heads.

PS: Just saw this:
Security officials say suspected Islamic extremists used explosives to attack a village in Nigeria's northeast, killing 52 people and razing more than 300 homes.
But by all means, keep focusing on the cat. After all, that's what's important.

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