June 13, 2013

Will Christian nitwits come to rule the US?

I used to think the wingnuts who crawled out of the woodwork during the Bush years would disappear at some point. I figured the old white Christian nitwits who led them would die off and the movement would die with them. I no longer believe this.

In the mid-East, they have a system of madrassas, little "schools" within which knowledge can find no purchase. The children merely memorize idiotic Muslim texts, and regurgitate the words. It is their only form of "knowledge". In such a society, there can be no progress.

Here in the United States we have a Christian Taliban version of these madrassas. Here, it is called "home schooling". Like the madrassas on which they are modeled, this is an environment that is completely knowledge-free. The world, science, history, real people -- none of this can make its way into the minds of home-schooled children who are supervised by Christian Taliban parents. Read the bible, regurgitate. Listen to the preacher, regurgitate. Visit Ken Ham's museum, oh squee! And so it goes.

From this sewage pit, a new generation of Christian leaders will emerge. And they will be at least as ignorant as their forebears. In this way, the Christian Taliban reaches into our future, and snatches it away. Fairness and equality will be annihilated in the society that they create: one that merges government and fundamental Christianity.

And jeebus will rule the dungheap for all eternity. Hallelujah!

I found the above image on Rich Gibson's blog. Interesting site.

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