June 3, 2013

Did you see this story?

I don't know why I read this, but I did. Some guy discovered an expensive necklace while hunting pythons in the Everglades. Seems there had been a plane crash in the area, and he figured it might belong to one of the victims. So he's trying to find the rightful owner.

I'm blogging about this because this is how the story ends:
"A perfect situation would be someone saying, 'Here's a picture of so-and-so and they're wearing it,' but you don't always get perfect," Rubinstein said. 

If he never finds the rightful owner, Rubinstein plans to give the pendant to a museum or the Archdiocese of Miami.

"It didn't belong out there. It doesn't necessarily belong to me," Rubinstein said. 
And I'm quite sure it doesn't belong to the Archdiocese of Miami. It's sickening that people automatically think of giving something like this to the Catholic church. Because they don't have enough money? They'll just use it to pay off victims of pedophile priests.

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