June 21, 2013

Kids and cochlear implants

I'm sure you saw the video of that young boy hearing his parent's voice for the first time. It was on all the newscasts last night. And every talking head that introduced the video seemed to think it was precious.

Personally, I cringe when I see these things. It's way too startling for the kid. How would you feel if suddenly there was an additional dimension to reality? You'd freak, and that's just what these kids do.

Show us how the kid fares after a few months. I'm fine with that. But leave the wildly personal first moments to the parents and doctors and children. I'm downright alarmed when I see these things, and I don't find them "cute" or "precious" at all.

Your experience may differ. Here's a video of a different child having the same experience. Again, I wish it was kept private.

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