June 12, 2013

New book description for Xmas Carol

I've decided not to hide the point of Xmas Carol. I never mentioned atheism in the short book description on Amazon. Friends kept telling me it would be a bad idea to bring it up. "Let people read the book and discover it for themselves," was the advice. I went along with this grudgingly, and that's the way things have remained since I published the book.

Until today. Here's a longer description that will appear everywhere except at Amazon. (At Amazon, you only have a small space to describe the book, but it's sold at all online bookstores. So this applies to the other vendors.) Anyway, here it is:
It's time for a different kind of Xmas story. In "Xmas Carol", a cast of atheist characters faces a terror the world has never known.

When Maria Kennedy lost her first child, she had a second daughter with the help of her gay brother's husband. She would do anything to protect this child. But what is a mother to do when something she cannot see, a creature created by science, hungrily reaches for her daughter?

An inclusive cast of gay and straight characters faces this challenge without help from god. Can they win the battle?

In the end, “Xmas Carol” is a tale of redemption that offers a new version of heaven. And this time, it's real.

The story begins on Halloween. And as the calendar moves inexorably toward Xmas, the threat becomes apparent and the tension mounts.

"Xmas Carol" is a brand new take on the horror genre. This season, hop on board. Xmas will never be the same.
Now people will have some idea of what they're getting into when they buy the book. It's only three bucks, kids. Get your copy now. (Non-Kindle versions available here.)

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