August 5, 2012

The hottest summer

I just walked outside to feed the Legion of Geese and it was sweltering. Not only humid but hot as a blast furnace. Which reminds me...

Lately, I've heard several weather forecasters say we're "entering the dog days of summer". What planet were these people on for the last two months? The dog days are just beginning? It's been one big Dog Summer. These folks are pre-programmed. It's August so they speak of dog days. It's mindlessness personified.

And as long as I'm on a weather rant, where the hell are the drag-queen weather-girls? I can't believe that in this day and age, a major city like NY doesn't have at least one fun, drag-queen weather-girl. It's 2012, people. Get with the program. Or is being a straight female a requirement for the job?

I'm ignoring the male weather forecasters since they all seem to be gay -- but they're not allowed to act gay. I heard from a reliable source that one of the local gay NYC weather guys was told by the network to "butch it up". Jeez. They can't even wear fun outfits and make fun of stuff, as is our god-given right. Seriously, why is the weather (and the news) so straight?

Okay. As you were.

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