August 12, 2012

DUI Americans and the election

DUI (Distracted, Undisciplined, Ignorant) Americans have been handed their candidate slate for the upcoming election. Obama/Biden v. Romney/Ryan. It will be interesting to see which party DUI Americans vote for.

Will it be the evil, empty suit and his incoherent financial henchman? Or will DUI Americans stick with their Nobel Prize-winning drone-killer president? The choice is stark.

For some time, I've been saying that we reached the tipping point and danced past it. Americans are now too ignorant to vote, essentially. Will they vote for Romney/Ryan, who will destroy the New Deal and steal America's money while paying little or no attention to the overwhelming problems facing humanity (climate change, almost-empty aquifers, income inequality, timid journalism, etc.)?

Or will they stick with Obama and face four more years where he gives the farm away without getting a thing in return? Let's not forget that he's committed to cutting one trillion dollars from the federal budget in the coming years. That will mean less money for local governments in a time of great financial crisis: cuts in policing, trash collection, fire-fighting, health benefits, etc.

What will DUI Americans do at this critical juncture in time? I think it hardly matters. We've passed the tipping point and we're tumbling downhill at a breakneck pace -- and this will continue no matter who's elected. This is quite a country we've got here.

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