August 22, 2012

Can you believe this?

NEW YORK (AP) — Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan will give the benediction at the Republican National Convention on the night Mitt Romney accepts the presidential nomination.
Unbelievable. What a cheap church this pope is running. Cardinals for hire. Amazing. But at least we know what Timmy Dolan's been doing: shilling for the GOP. What a slimy character he is. Kids, get ready for "Jeebus for Romney" season. It should be lots of fun.

(Do you think the popey guy will do an ad for Romney? And if he does, will he wear the red shoes? I think he will. Definitely.)


Artichoke Annie said...

Maybe his "red, white and blue" pair. That would be a nice touch, with a glittery star on the heel.

writenow said...

Isn't it amazing how everyone has come out of their closet and revealed how hateful and bigoted they are? I mean, this is craven! The church shilling for the Republicans.