August 1, 2012

To survive, humans must become Vulcans

Live long and prosper if...
You know the Vulcan story. They had to fight their basic instincts in order to become a peaceful, productive race. Seems to me, humans could use a program like that.

Imagine if we admitted our faults and tailored our society to counter them, as the Vulcans did. If we admitted our tendency to believe in the irrational, for instance, we could instill proper respect for reality. Like the Vulcan people, we would benefit greatly from teaching logic at an early age. Imagine humans who could actually understand the issues involved in an argument! It's possible.

What if we went so far as to admit that evolution produces only predators, including humans. Everything preys on something else. And in our world, where we don't have to kill our food, this vestigial tendency plays out in human-on-human violence. What would happen if we admitted this and adopted a no-fight, no-war world?

What if we taught children the truth, that there is no god. What if we explained that the same ability that makes us see faces in the clouds, makes us see gods? Imagine how we'd prosper, unhindered by false gods.

What if we admitted what we are, and worked with it? What if we became Vulcans?

UPDATE: For anyone who sees this as a silly suggestion, try to remember that the human race is in the process of killing itself. Global warming will cause the extinction of at least 50% of all Earth's creatures by the year 2100, and humans will become extinct some short time after that. And we're not doing a damn thing about it. That's because we can't see reality, can't use logic, can't plan because we think a fairy god will save us all. We need a global intervention. I suggest the Vulcan model.


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