August 5, 2012

Does today seem a bit shaky?

I swear, I'm a nervous wreck about tonight's Mars landing. Are you going to stay up for it? I don't think I could take it, so if I can fall asleep I'll probably get up in the middle of the night and scurry to the computer to learn what happened. Please let this work. Dog, are you listening? Help NASA. Good doggy!

Today I've tried to while away the hours by taking a long look at Xmas Carol, my horror novel. I do believe it's done. I've edited this thing so many times, I hardly know what it says anymore -- but the proof is in the pudding: no matter where in the book I read, I don't change a word.

Tomorrow, either elated or completely crushed by the landing news, I plan to read the whole book again. I need to see it as one expanse rather than piecemeal chapters. This is the final go-through, for sure. I should be able to get the book out this month.

Y'all have your electronic readers ready to go, right? Xmas Carol will be a digital-only publication. You're going to love this book (unless you're a religious twit). I promise.

Mars! Totally amazing.

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