February 21, 2012

Who can say?

Niles (old photo).
Niles here. They had to rush Keith to a special Writers' Hospital! Early word is that he's having an episode. I told him he was working too hard on the final draft of Xmas Carol but he wouldn't stop editing no matter what I, his trusted adviser of many years, said.

Just tonight, I received word from Doctor Vito, his physician (you heard he's out, right?). Doctor Vito rushed to his side (via Skype) when he heard that Keith had gone down. The following excerpt is from his email to me:
It may be that he saw one misplaced modifier too many, perhaps as he trolled the net. In his over-edited condition, a really ripe misplaced modifier could have sent him right over the edge. You cannot do that much editing and hope to remain sane. I see this with authors all the time in my private practice. But as to exactly what sent him over the edge? Who can say?
Indeed. I will remain at Keith's side until the mental tremors pass. Oh, and he so wanted to get Xmas Carol out before Spring Training began. It will be a fierce blow to him if he can't meet this self-imposed deadline. In truth, I worry he might not survive.

And then where would the world be?


Artichoke Annie said...

Might I add, a VERY old photo, Niles.

Tell Keith to get better soon. What's that old saying, "publish or perish"?

writenow said...

I've just awakened in the recovery ward at the Writers' Hospital. They're giving me nouns intravenously. The hope is that this will push the adverbs out of my system and help me to reconnect with reality. Oh, I think I'm fainting agai

cm said...

Consider yourself extremely lucky to have the likes of Niles and Dr. Vito on your side Keith. I just hope you appreciate it.

writenow said...

I do value them, Carmine. I love all my cartoon friends, deeply. And as for publishing Xmas Carol, Annie, you'll be happy to know I contacted Casey today about some last-minute stuff. I'm getting there.