February 13, 2012

One great cop.

Ray Lewis (Photo: fresnobee)
A retired police officer from Philadelphia is being harassed for wearing his old uniform (with an Occupy button on it) to Occupy protests. They arrested him for it once before but he says he's proud of his police past and will continue to wear the uniform to Occupy demonstrations. Good for him!

Go read the article. Ray Lewis seems like a terrific guy. We need more like him. But what struck me about the article was the way the police officers' union is attacking him for wearing the uniform to Occupy demonstrations. After all the awful images of policemen pepper-spraying Occupy protesters for no reason other than to be brutish, it says a lot that the police union isn't on this officer's (i.e., the people's) side.

It only accentuates the new police image as black-uniformed, jackbooted SWAT lunatics who indulge in brutish behavior while opposing the people and standing up for their corporate overlords. How low the police have fallen in the last few years.

Kinda reminds me of the Roman Catholic church, come to think of it. Once moral heroes, now emblems of hate, irrationality and defilement. The church and the SWAT guys -- a match made in heaven.

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