February 2, 2012

Sideways compliments

I love to write companies and offer them a compliment that's actually a cutting remark. For instance, I recently wrote to my local NYC TV station:

"I am writing today to express my appreciation for the way you present the news. I can rest assured that when I tune into your station each night, I won't have to be scared by any new news that I don't already know about. I love the way you only cover the stories from yesterday. That is such a comfort to me! My stomach doesn't get all roiled up with nervous anticipation and I can watch the show with comfort. Thank you so much! And please don't ever change!!!"

Okay, I did it better for the real email but I can't find it at the moment. But you get the idea. Have you ever done this? We can always go all Julia Sugarbaker on them and rip them apart verbally but I think sideways comments are more effective and more fun. After all, if the reader isn't too bright, he or she will think this is an actual person's real thoughts. That's the part that's really fun.

Have you done this?

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