February 4, 2012

Popey guy transfers whistleblower to the sticks

Evil popey guy.
So the number 2 administrator at the castle of gold called the Vatican, blew the whistle on corruption by the popey guy. And it ended up "cost[ing] the Holy See millions of euros in terms of higher contract prices."

(I don't know about you but I go all goosebumps when they refer to themselves as the "Holy See"!)

So I guess this means the popey guy can't give all the contracts to the cute guys anymore. You know how he loves those sweaty workmen. And getting found out cost him big bucks. So what does he do? He transfers the guy to that pit of Hell they call "Washington". Not sure if it's D.C. or that other one. Either way, he won't be wearing jewels and drinking from gold coffee cups anymore. He is no longer a member of the Official Popey Guy Club. That must hurt!

There is no morality at the Vatican. And jeebus is just a fairytale. That's why these sorts of things happen in the church every single day. Raping kids, protecting pedophiles, funneling money wherever the hell they want, attacking gays all around the world -- that's just an honest day's work at the Vatican. Nice religion they've got there.

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