February 24, 2012

Amazing tech story

Here's the idea: you'll be able to run Windows on your iPad (!!!) for free, and for $5 a month, you'll also get an internet connection that's faster than anything now possible with an iPad. It sounds crazy. The service is called Onlive Desktop and it will eventually ramp up to a system where, for $10 a month, you'll be able to run any Windows program on your iPad.

It's crazy weird (and wonderful, if it works) and you can read about it here. It's like something out of a sci-fi novel. You'll actually be sending commands to a real, live Windows computer which will enact your commands and send the results back to your iPad. Lickety-split, if the article can be believed. And it'll provide Flash, the missing element on current iPads.

As a PageMaker junkie I really, really miss being able to create publications with it (because I moved to a Mac). Quark Express will never ring my bell. I've got it and hardly use it. I want my PageMaker and this may provide it. Guess I'll need an iPad too, huh?

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