February 9, 2012

What triggered the collapse of America?

Was it when people began to use "party" as a verb?
Was it the day Tang was foisted on the American public?
Was it the moment when we lost the distinction between "simple" and "simpleton"?
Or was it when they told us we could put our own pictures on stamps?
When was it? I've got to know or I'll go mad! Mad, I tell you!!

When do you think the slide began?


cm said...

I'm thinking it's not one moment in time. Its more like a whole bunch of moments chipping away and eroding the structure that's causing the collapse.

cm said...

I can't believe I misplaced a modifier. Sorry.

Artichoke Annie said...

I think it began when the front porch was eliminated from houses.

p.s. I'll keep an eye out for your 'modifier'.

writenow said...

You're a joy, Annie. You really are.

writenow said...

And Carmine, I loved your modifier. Made my day.

O’Hollern said...

When playing golf became a necessary pre-requisite to becoming president.