November 18, 2011

A match made in heaven

Photo credit: USA Today
I find it hugely amusing that the roman catholic church has purchased the Crystal Cathedral, the ridiculous-looking mormon cathedral in Utah. Has there ever been a building that screamed "twits within" any louder? The catholics will feel right at home there.

What can I say? It's perfect.

Update: I'm told I missed the boat. Doh! See comments.


Artichoke Annie said...

Slight correction needed here, the Crystal Cathedral is not in Utah it is located in Garden Grove California and it does not have a connection to the Mormon Church..........other than that, you are spot on.

It was home to Rev. Robert H. Schuller's "Hour of Power" and Crystal Cathedral Ministries which is now in bankruptcy. I only know this as I grew up in the Orange County, CA area where is was a landmark.

writenow said...

Then, except for being totally wrong, I was completely right! You know, I don't even feel embarrassed. It's just that they're all so damn stupid. I can't tell them apart. But thanks for pointing it out.

Too bad, because I was going to do a follow-up post about the Mormons being the main anti-gay religious group, and this making it a great church for them. They could just continue the gay-bashing that always went on there.

I guess that's out now, though. Doh!

Artichoke Annie said...

Well........maybe you could write that with the purchase of this 'crystal' cathedral the Catholic church is hoping to be able to get everything out in the open. Ha!

writenow said...

Funny. You know, this explains why the cathedral in the photo didn't look like the one in my mind. The mormons have THE spectacularly ridiculous cathedral of all time. I wish the church bought that one. Darn. Though this one is pretty bonkers. Did you see the photos of the inside, with that huge, inane organ? Self-important twits!