November 9, 2011

Advice about writing a novel

No, not my advice: John Baker's. I like what he says. Here's a link.


Artichoke Annie said...

Thanks, that was helpful to read, nice to know I am not alone. This is where I am stumbling - the voice - once I find it the story will move forward quickly, this I know.

I'm like a beginner driver, lurching my way down the road with an jerking clutch. [Which means nothing to you since you don't drive... oh well]

writenow said...

I used to drive. Had a big old Bronco and shifted gears with the best of 'em.

Yes, voice. I never trusted mine until now and it actually kept me from writing. "Write what only you can write." I've paraphrased what Baker said but that's what I took from his post. It's a powerful message.