April 16, 2011

A new era for this humble blog

Doctor Vito, Noted Expert.
A tremendous honor has befallen this blog. I have just been notified that final arrangements to secure the services of Doctor Vito, Noted Expert, were successful! Yes, Doctor Vito will be contributing a regular column to The Worlds Blog, beginning next week.

As I'm sure readers know, Doctor Vito is an expert in all matters. The New York Times once referred to him as "the final arbiter of all things". His credentials cannot be questioned. And this is the calibee of columnist that will soon be available to readers of The World Blog. I am so excited, I can hardly speak.

All that's needed now is your participation. That's right. I want you to dig deep and come up with your most pressing questions about life, love, reality, sex, science, relationships, outer space, morality, indigenous practices -- anything. Remember: there is no topic on which Doctor Vito is not an expert. So ask away.

But as with all things in life, there's a catch. As you know, Doctor Vito is an effete snob. So if you don't come up with interesting questions, he will not write a column! This is his way and we can't argue with genius. So I'm begging you: be creative! Remember, you must stimulate the man to generate a response. And oh, what a response it will be!

You may submit questions for Doctor Vito in the comments of this post (or in any future post). I know I can count on you to add the final ingredient to the mix: questions truly worthy of a great mind. This is your big chance, people. Don't blow it!

Note: Sketch of Doctor Vito contributed by cousin Carmine. I think he's captured the true essence of the man. Don't you agree?


Artichoke Annie said...

Dr. Vito: "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

This is a question that certainly has wasted much time in debate over the ages - so let's toss aside the debate and you just give us a straight up answer - choice of pin head size is yours.

Artichoke Annie said...

Well I like Carmine's depiction of Dr. V - hope he sticks around at least. Maybe one time you could have a round table discussion with all of The Worlds characters... Dr. V, Popey Guy....

cm said...

"Note: Sketch of Doctor Vito contributed by cousin Carmine. I think he's captured the true essence of the man."
Aw,shucks. Thanks a bunch.
While I'm here I have a question for Dr. Vito: What is the meaning of life?

writenow said...

Keep those questions coming, people. It's time for lurkers to chime in. Don't you want a piece of Doctor Vito?