April 29, 2011

Popey guy's fingers all over Doctor Vito

The popey guy! Ft, ft, ft, etc.
I have completed my analysis of the emails sent me by the many Libyan fans of this blog. It seems Doctor Vito's disappearance was indeed the result of foul play -- of the foulest kind.

It is now confirmed that the popey guy had a hand in it! In fact, his hand was the only one in it, and that hand was all over Doctor Vito.

Although my analysis of the Libyan emails is now complete, and it shows a clear trail of holy wafers leading directly to the evil Vatican and its popey prince, I am awaiting even more conclusive evidence. An organization much larger than the Vatican is looking into this now.

Wikileaks is on the case! Julian Assange has assured me he will find out exactly what happened to this grand man, this hero, this Doctor Vito. The moment I have the news in hand, I will pass it on to you, dear readers.

In the meantime, there is something each of you can do to help Doctor Vito. This suggestion comes directly from the Doctor Vito Institute (TM). They have asked me to request your aid. Here's the deal:

Go to a public place at 5PM each and every day, and look up into the sky and applaud with all your might for Doctor Vito. As you do this, you must chant "Free Doctor Vito! Free Doctor Vito!" This call is going out around the world. Soon there will be video on all the TV stations, showing good-hearted people everywhere, clapping at the sky and demanding Doctor Vito's immediate release. Because of our dedication -- and our tremendous numbers -- we will focus the world's attention on the plight of this great man, this philosopher extraordinaire, this Doctor Vito.

I -- and the Doctor Vito Foundation -- ask that you gather in His name (Doctor Vito's) and take photos of yourselves and your friends applauding the sky -- and then send them to me toute suite. Let's post them here and on every blog so the world knows we will not sit by idly as this travesty takes place.

Free Doctor Vito! Free Doctor Vito! Free Doctor Vito!

For new readers, the backstory can be found here, here and here. (Plus, "ft, ft, ft" in caption explained here.)


Artichoke Annie said...

To Do List for TODAY:

Make signs to post around condo:

TODAY & Each Day Thereafter
At 5:00 PM SHARP
Raise your Eyes & Hands to the sky
AND CLAP!!!!!!

Clap as if dear Dr. Vito's life depended upon it... and it does.

writenow said...

I'm so glad to hear you're on the case/ Don't forget to take photos. Doctor Vito needs them. And know that I and the Doctor Vito Foundation thank you.

Note: Add to sign: ". . . and say 'Free Doctor Vito! Free Doctor Vito!" Don't forget this part! It's crucial. Still: good work!