April 23, 2011

OMG! I found another Bon Iver song!

I was shocked to find this song on YouTube. I had no idea it existed.  Here's the video and below it you'll find the lyrics. They actually (sort of) make sense. Amazing! The song is simple and way too short but it's lovely.

Redemption 1: (An Army Man and His Self-Discovery)

We built a wall
Standing there, so big and tall
Keeping us
From the rust of what's hurting us all
To feel a spark
Hope in the dark, no matter what the cost
To know that nothing
Ever will be completely lost

I'm at the wall
Staring, looking up at the names
Mistakes we've made
Broken families, no, these aren't just little games
Hand the torch
To the man who is looking for his blood
The warmth of searching
For the blood just might be enough

I am stable, I am breakable
I am boarded up and begging you
I am hoping, I am coping
It is storming out here
I am broken, I am stolen
I am chained up and begging you
I am bolder, I am older
I am just a brother, babe
I am spinning, I am hitting
I am loved but not gone
I am open, it is pouring in
Gonna make you love him more than you even can
The kid says mia, I say my-a
They freed us, no matter what I say
I am bolder, I am older
I am just a sister, babe
I am older, I am bolder
I am just a mother, babe
I am older, I am bolder
I am just a father, babe

Surely someone out there knows how I can get this guy to marry me. Surely.


Artichoke Annie said...

Well first you must break all emotional ties with Crow, a fresh start, so to speak. I'll keep my antenna out for a contact number.

Late, late start to my day today. Just on a second cup and then must get it in gear. Due at my daughter's at four.

writenow said...

Good luck in your Easter travels. My family just left for a gathering. I'm officially on dog duty with my sister's chocolate lab. She's so cute, and very old. And thanks for any help you can offer in getting Bon Iver to marry me.