May 1, 2015

Still here

(Sorry I haven't posted lately. It's the craziness of moving -- a process that is taking forever. For today, all I've got is one mini-post. Here you go.)

The other night on the local news, a particularly dimwitted female anchor was reporting on the earthquake in Nepal. She said there had been an "avwalanche" which was caused by an "earthcake". The woman can't even read words, never mind understand them.

The next story was about Chipotle's new and highly idiotic move to ban GMO ingredients. Kids, everything, including you, is the result of GMOs. It's how evolution happens. There's no danger in eating this stuff. Yes, it's been genetically modified but that has absolutely no bearing on you. You're eating it, not getting genetic pointers from it. Anyway, this same anchor read the GMO story and then said, "That's so great! Because I love Chipotle's and now it's going to be even healthier".

Seriously, I know it's the local news but in this case "local" means NYC. I can remember when the the city's local news anchors were smart and well-informed -- which only means that I'm really, really old.

I'll always return to this blog and I'm sure there will be future periods when I blog like mad. However, that time is not now. Hang in.

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