May 30, 2015

Knockin' on heaven's door

After decades of searching, I finally found the solar light I envisioned in my dreams. You can get it here. This is a shot of the lights:

I wanted a light that I could put out in the sun all day to absorb the sun's energy, and then take inside for an evening of dim light. Just try looking for a "dim light" on the web. (Maybe that's changed recently but my old searches were fruitless.) But I finally found it!

Yes, this light does stupid things like blink and flash and fade. For the record, things are not allowed to blink or change colors in my house. That way leads to a disordered mind. I almost threw the light out after turning it on for the first time because I couldn't stop the damn flashing and color-changing behavior.

I experienced this problem because (of course) the directions are inadequate. The trick to a steady colored light is to press not a color swatch (of which there are many) but the words red, blue or green on the top of the remote that comes with it. Finally, I got the steady light I was seeking.

And the best thing of all is that it has a dimmer switch. You can depress it to lower the light to an almost nonexistent glow -- just what I was looking for.

It was a long search but it was worth it. Now if they could only come up with a way for my walls to glow in any color I want, and supply a dimmer switch with it, I'd be the happiest camper in the world.

PS: I bought the 10-inch globe. It cost about $93 - money well spent.

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