May 8, 2015

Religion encourages this sort of thing

As loyal readers know, I'm trying to sell my house. What this means in a daily sense is that crowds of strangers have been walking through my home. Sheesh.

But rather than complain, today I want to share with you the strangeness of some of these visitors' thought processes.

One woman who came through told me she was going to put in an offer that very day. From speaking with her, I knew she had a husband, so I said, "I imagine you want your husband to view it too -- I mean, before you make the offer." After all, if a couple buys a house, surely both marriage partners want to see it beforehand. Makes sense, no?

She told me her husband had no need to see it because he respected her clairvoyant powers. You see, when she spied the house online she knew immediately that this was Her House. So there was no need for hubby to see it.

Another family came through and asked, haltingly, if the house was haunted. I mean, what do you say? My sister answered her as if this was a normal question. She assured the woman that we had been the only owners of this house, no one had died here, and the house was not haunted. It's probably a good thing that my sister didn't let me answer the question.

But really, why wouldn't nitwits believe in ghosts and paranormal powers? After all, their churches tell them there are demons and guardian angels and a Holy Spirit and a devil too. And of course, there's the god fellow Himself, who is the King of Ghosts. Once you let nonsense invade your brain and convince yourself that it makes sense, you are lost in the wilderness.

In a sense, I can't blame the idiots. This dreck is everpresent in American "culture". There are "ghost-hunting" shows on TV. And movies present clairvoyant characters as if they're a normal part of everyday reality. There are endless bible and Jesus shows, and there are ranting pastors (and Republican candidates for president) who reject reality in favor of their favorite fairytale. The idjits never had a chance.

I guess these visitors to my house are what passes for true Americans these days. And to think that we used to believe that humanity would grow up at some point and leave silly childhood games behind. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Unless we ditch the gods. Ditch yours today.

PS: I found Casper's image on I kid you not. (Couldn't credit the artist, who is not mentioned on the site.)

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