May 3, 2015

Bernie Sanders could bring huge, positive change to U.S.

Bernie Sanders, a kind and honest man who tells the truth, is in the primary race against the meaningless creature we refer to as "Hillary Clinton". In other words there is still hope.

I mean seriously, if it's Hillary v. Jeb, it will be a contest between an empty pants suit and an empty pants suit. Bernie, on the other hand, will tell it like it is. And finally, in an era of blatant income inequality, people may be able to hear his words and understand them.

This morning, I came across this at HuffPo. In the article, Bernie asks a question I've been waiting to hear for the past 20 years: what's wrong with the idea of making the United States look more like Scandinavia? In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, health care is a basic human right, guaranteed for all. And there is no charge for college or grad school. Doesn't that sound a tad better than what we've got here, where people can't afford their medications and where kids go into lifelong hock to obtain a college education?

He's a breath of fresh air, Bernie is. Let's hope the unthinkable occurs and this man can best Hillary in the primary. Jeb v. Bernie could be a lot of fun. In fact, it could wake the whole country up -- for good.

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