October 18, 2014

U.S. behind the times

So how come we don't have a giant Xmas butt-plug in a public plaza in the United States? I mean, Paris has one. Why don't we?

The United States used to lead the world. "Not no more", as my local friends like to say. Jeez, I really want us to get one, like for Rockefeller Center or something. Real trees are so tired.

(And have you noticed that it's already Xmas? I've seen several Xmas commercials on TV lately. Santa's almost here! Speaking of which, have you read "Xmas Carol". Gasp! You haven't?! You poor thing, you!)


Artichoke Annie said...

If you don't read Xmas Carol y'all you won't know what to be getting the kiddies this year. Go ahead...

Double dare ya.

writenow said...

You tell 'em.