October 24, 2014

NYT disses baseball but misses the main issue

Joe "Ugh!" Buck
Today's NY Times has an article that says baseball is no longer the nation's pastime. Apparently no one cares about the game and most everyone watches football instead of the World Series. Fine, that's true. But in the entire article they never mention the gorilla in the room: the World Series is on Fox and features Joe Buck. That's why no one wants to watch it.

I've asked friends who are baseball fans if they're watching the World Series this year. Everyone says no because they can't stand Joe Buck. With Buck, it's unwatchable. I feel the same way. Yes, I'm watching the World Series but I do it without sound. I play music instead. Anything is preferable to hearing Joe Buck say uninteresting things in a loud voice.

Fox has a contract to show the games through 2021. So much for baseball. It would've been nice if the Times bothered to mention Buck, the man who single-handedly killed baseball.

PS: Go Royals!

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