October 13, 2014

Tut, tut. Ebola is totally controlled in this country. Uh-huh.

Ebola is loose and it will spread to every place on the planet. I don't see how it could be otherwise. They (WHO, the US, everyone concerned) didn't nip it in the bud and now it's undoubtedly flowering in all sorts of unlikely places. Let us review the evidence.

First, there was the uncontrolled travel of infected Africans to other African countries and, most likely, to countries outside Africa. In the original communities where the outbreak first occurred, people were terrified and they didn't trust the medical staff. So they bolted for a secure place where they could hide. This is what sick humans do when you have nothing to offer them. There is no real treatment for Ebola. So why exactly would someone go to a hospital to die under bright lights when they could die at home, or at a helpful relative's house? Without a cure, you've got nothing to dangle in front of people to entice them into a hospital.

Here in the US, our fearless authorities tell us that Ebola could never get a toehold. We're just too good for that, you see. We know all the tricks, so Ebola literally has no chance.

Uh-huh. That's why the first Ebola patient in Texas, after practically telling the hospital that he had Ebola, was sent home with antibiotics -- because we're so damn good at this. But have no fear, people. We know how to wield those protective garments and track down all the infected person's contacts so we can isolate them. So you see, Ebola could never establish itself in our country.

Uh-huh. One of the nurses who treated the very first U.S. patient while wearing full protective gear, was infected. You know why? Because we're so damn good at this. We're special, and exceptional too!

But still, there is absolutely nothing to fear. For instance, look at the sophisticated manner in which we isolated all the contacts of the NBC camera man who caught Ebola in Nigeria. Wow, were we good! And that's why we learned today that Dr. Nancy Snyderman, of all people, who is one of the NBC folks placed under voluntary quarantine, just hadda go outside to see her favorite Soup Nazi. What are you gonna do? She hadda craving, so it was totally responsible for her to do this. After all, she's a model of medical prudence who's on the national news almost every day. Dr. Nancy mindlessly spreading Ebola?! Impossible!

And beginning today, we're starting to check the temperatures of incoming passengers at a few airports. Wow! Surely no one got through before we began this entry process. Surely. And no doubt this process will catch every single person whistling past with Ebola.

What could go wrong?

PS: Srsly, NBC needs to toss dear Dr. Nancy off the show immediately. What is wrong with that woman's brain?


Artichoke Annie said...

Here is a good article on the subject in the current issue of The New Yorker:


Actually in recent months there have been several good articles on the subject, problem is they are in print and who reads anymore when you can get your KoolAid free on television news 24/7.

Love this quote from The New Yorker article:

“We could have pushed the development of a synthetic Ebola vaccine a decade ago. We had the skills, but we chose not to pursue it. Why? Because we weren’t the people getting sick.” ~ Rob Carlson, author of 'Biology Is Technology'

I would add my answer to Why? as well, Because there wasn't any money in it.

writenow said...

I just saw your comment, a day later. Sorry for the delay in posting it. But you're right. Funny how they don't mention the main thing: only people of color were being affected by it, so why bother to create a cure? That also plays a role. Bigotry kills. It always has.