October 17, 2014

English-speaking bishops muck up translation of Vatican synod document

It's time for the latest chapter of "Backtracking for Jesus". Earlier in the week, we were all shocked when conciliatory language about gay inclusion was used in a Vatican synod report. Well, it seems the inclusive language persists in the original Italian document, but the English-speaking bishops have been having a field day editing the document to appease their vicious inner selves.
But the Vatican reversed course at a press conference on Thursday, when officials announced the release of an edited English version of the report that alters passages that affirm gay people. For example, the new version changes the translation of the Italian phrase “Accogliere le persone omosessuali,” which was initially rendered in the English version as “to welcome homosexual persons,” a literal interpretation of the text. Although the original Italian document remains unchanged, Thursday’s revision edited the English version to read, “providing for homosexual persons,” a shift that Thomas Reese of the National Catholic Reporter said was “clearly … not an accurate translation.”

The new document includes other subtle alterations as well, although virtually all of the edits deal with the Catholic church’s position on homosexuality. Thursday’s version of the report, for instance, changed a phrase that previously referred to same-sex unions as “precious support in the life of the partners” to “valuable support in the life of these persons.”

The revisions appear to be an attempt by the Vatican — or at least English-speaking bishops — to control the media narrative surrounding the release of the original document.
So the English-speaking bishops still hate gay people. What else is new? Will the Vatican ever put these homophobes in their proper place? (The trash, in other words.) Stay tuned. But the fight will be intense. Here's a last bit from the Think Progress article:
English bishops are now calling for even broader changes to the document, insisting that the Synod offer a “fuller presentation of the church’s theology of marriage, more encouragement for those who are faithful to church teaching, and the elimination of … confusing passages in the report.”
Confusing indeed. But they're the ones who are confused. We're gay, we're here and we're never going away. These bishops had better wake up. They're living in the distant, ugly past and they really, really don't want to let go. It's quite sad.

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