October 3, 2014

Offensive names

Okay, so we're going to force the Redskins to ditch their name because it's offensive to Native Americans. I totally agree that this is the way to go.

But I'm also disgusted by Atlanta Braves fans who do their insipid "chop" movement while intoning a Hollywood version of an "Indian chant". I mean, really. I get ill when I watch a Braves game. These people need to drop their offensive routine and learn how to clap like everyone else.

And here's one no one ever mentions. What about "Tomahawk missiles"? Isn't that just a tad creepy? What does this name imply about the original Native Americans? That they were bloodthirsty savages? Ya think? I say we toss this misuse of Native American terminology. Tomahawk indeed. It's nauseating and these missiles kill a ton of innocent people. It's a double-whammy.

Seriously, the military geniuses seem to have the mental attitudes of 12-year-old boys. Who else thinks Tomahawk is a cool name for a missile? White boys who never grew up, that's who.

This reminds me. I've been thinking about something lately. Yes, this is an era of confusion, wars, death, hate-filled religiosity and general stupidity in the US. But I also think the "teens" (the decade from 2010 through 2020) will be remembered as a decade of equality. With each passing day we come closer to the moment when it will no longer be okay for white police officers to beat and kill males of color. We're focusing a  laser on the un-American militarization of police forces across America. We're giving gays the right to marry and beginning to pass laws to protect transgender people. And income inequality is firmly on the agenda. (Sadly, women's issues are going the other way.)

The decade of equality. That sounds nice. But of course the current decade is also one of bombs, governmental lies, attacks on whistleblowers, hiding the crimes of torturers and stealing money from poor people to pad the wallets of sinfully rich monsters. The decade has two faces, which is pretty weird.

But then, we've always been a weird country.

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