October 13, 2014

FBI less than thrilled by Apple's encryption

I posted recently about the fact that Apple's latest iOS uses a data encryption scheme that it will not share with US surveillance agencies. Thank you, Apple!

However, FBI director James Comey is less than thrilled by this move. Gee, I wonder why.
Comey's stance is that by making iOS and Android as secure as possible, Apple and Google are actually allowing criminals a safe haven. He even goes so far as to compare unbreakable data encryption to "an apartment that could never be entered, even by law enforcement."
Now that sounds great: an apartment that law enforcement can't enter. I want one of those, don't you? That kind of place would surely have helped the people who were killed or disfigured by SWAT raids in recent weeks. (Special bonus: even when these police goons disfigure a toddler, they don't face charges. SWAT raids are a win/win for them, guaranteed.) Seriously, I want one of those apartments and you should, too.

Oh, and Comey, good example. You'll really get people on your side with that line.

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