March 17, 2014

Too funny

Sorry for ducking out to write real stuff. But if I don't write my books, who will? You see the issue there? Anyway, I had to stop by today to put this on the blog,
SALT LAKE CITY — The Mormon church is warning a group of women pushing for gender equality that it will not be allowed to protest in Temple Square next month during a biannual conference.
The gall of those women -- seeking equality, of all things. Honestly! What the hell do they want that for?! It's scandalous, I tell you, scandalous. I love the Mormon church's explanation for barring the activities of this group (which is called Ordain Women, BTW):
The church says activist events detract from the sacred environment of the weekend conference in Salt Lake City.
Yes, that's what it must be -- the "sacred environment" suffers when women want to be equal to men. You know how god hates women that.

Religious twits. Deep down, they're all the same.


Artichoke Annie said...

~ Laughing Out Loud ~

writenow said...

Hi Annie. How is your book going? I've been in notebook madness today. I'm trying to collect all the notes that go with the book I'm writing, and there are so many! I suspect all writers have this problem. Oy.

Timothey Kohl said...

While overall I agree with your position here, I think your argument is flawed. You stress it is ridiculous that they don't want people protesting at their ceremonies. I think that is reasonable. You should argue their stance not the logistics. This is similar to Westboro Church... "Oh my god they want to say god hates fags outside a funeral" when really who cares about the funeral?

writenow said...

You're right, of course. But I just like to take every opportunity to make fun of Mormons. They're so ridiculous that I guess I don't feel I have to think seriously about them at all.