March 8, 2014

Vladimir Putin attacks Milo

I couldn't believe it. This morning when I got up, I did what I always do. I opened the back door and fed the birds. Since the usual flock of geese was in the yard, their trusted leader -- the illustrious Milo, the finest goose in the world -- began to eat the seed. As leader of the flock, this is his right.

But suddenly, from out the blue, an enemy goose that I've named Vladimir Putin, attacked Milo for no reason! Vladdy tried to take the spoils from Milo and then usurp his power and seize control of the flock! It was a fierce battle, as you can see from these images.

Well, I wasn't having any of that. Slipping into my butchest baritone, I yelled "No! Stop that! You will not take something that belongs to other geese. Vladimir Putin, you are acting like a Nazi!!!"

And that did it, for now. But I know Puti is waiting in the shadows. He will plunder Milo's flock and seize what is not his. That is his aim. Poor Milo! What a beast that Puti is!

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