February 2, 2014

Watching the Super Bowl with one eye

Okay, I've decided that I'll turn the game on at 6:30 -- but I will not park myself in front of the TV. I'm going to cook spaghetti with garlic and oil and broccoli (just like in Xmas Carol!). And I'll peek at the game now and then. That's all I'm willing to do.

Thing is, it's on Fox. And that means it won't be enjoyable. Fox destroys the football and baseball seasons by having the odious Joe Buck call the final games. I always end up in the same place, unwilling to listen to even one word that comes out of that blowhard's mouth.

Speaking of which, I heard he almost had a career-ending problem with his voice. But he got over it. Darn! So close yet still so far. I also read that all New Yorkers hate Joe Buck. Good to know. I guess I'm in league with my local brethren (and sistren).

In any case, I'll be cooking and I hope Manning wins. Why? Because I hate Pete Carroll, the Seahawks' manager. Again, this is due to the fact that I'm from New York, where we all grew to hate Carroll when he coached the Jets.

So I guess in the end, it's all about where you came from. I'll be getting in touch with that very thing by cooking a traditional Italian meal. At least I can eat the food when the game ends. It's something.

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Do tell in the comments.


Artichoke Annie said...

I probably will see a bit of it. There are other things on TV tonight so I'm not bound. I already cooked some delicious spicy, herb encrusted chicken thighs with a side of eggplant/tomatoes ragout-ish.

I saw The Fifth Estate today. You know it wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen which leads me to wonder why it was snapped so quickly from the theaters. Really? there have been some dogs that last for weeks.

I also saw Blue Jasmine yesterday, sorry Ms. Farrow but while Woody Allen does some strange things in life, he does make some really great movies.

I'm sad to hear of the death of PSH - such a shame.

writenow said...

It's making me want to write a post about heroin. Tough drug to kick. And so much for Peyton Manning. Bummer all around.