February 16, 2014

Sunday reading

Check out this op-ed by Jennifer Finney Boylan in today's New York Times. It's about the casting of a cis (non-transgender) actor in the role of a transgender woman in Amazon's "Transparent". It's not only perceptive and kind, it's very funny.
Jared Leto’s casting in “Dallas Buyers Club,” for instance, has been met with a sense of exhaustion by some parts of the trans community. In the wake of Mr. Leto’s Golden Globe for his portrayal of the character Rayon, the trans activist Jen Richards wrote, “That’s it. I’m going to write movies with entirely trans casts. Even the cis” — or non-transgender — “characters will be played by trans people. And then we’ll have our own awards ceremony and lavish them with awards for their brave portrayals.”
See what I mean? Boylan is terrific. Go read it now.

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