February 14, 2014

Snow hath fallen

Jeez, did it snow last night. We got at least 18 inches and some of the drifts are four feet high. It reminds me of snowfalls from my childhood, when snow was big.

Staying indoors was my only option. So I drank espresso, kept warm and worked on the book. In this way, I was able to spend the day on a tropical beach with an invigoratingly intelligent, old physicist. He's one of my favorite characters. I love hanging out with him -- and I made good progress. (That's such a weird expression. It implies that somewhere out there, there is someone who is making bad progress. Fun.)

As I mentioned recently, blogging at The Worlds will be light and intermittent in the coming days (months?). If I don't finish this book, you'll never get to read it. And I can't let you down, I just can't. You mean that much to me.

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