February 28, 2014

Pope Francis fails

Catholics had high hopes for a recent conclave that Francis assembled. Here, we were told, the church would finally grapple with the issues of gay marriage and the status of divorced Catholics. Uh-huh. Big fail.

First, Francis mouthed this nonsense:
Pope Francis on Friday said couples whose marriages fail should be “accompanied” and not “condemned”, wading into a debate on divorce that is testing his promise to put the Church in touch with modern life.

“When love fails, and it fails many times, we have to feel the pain of that failure, accompany the people who have felt the failure of their love,” the pope said during the daily mass he holds in the Vatican.

“Don’t condemn them! Walk with them!” he said, adding: “We have to be so close to the brothers and sisters who have suffered the failure of love in their lives”.
Francis's words are completely meaningless. But that's apparently the best he can do because the Vatican plan is to keep attacking divorced people and gays. They're stuck in a hateful groove and they have no intention of climbing out. Thanks for nothing, Frankie.

And then there's this. In a discussion of how the church can deal with divorced, remarried Catholics, this disgusting morsel popped out of a holy mouth:
Another possibility could be the Orthodox model, which allows some divorcees to re-marry in church and take Holy Communion but gives only a blessing for the second marriage and does not consider it a sacrament.

Francis mentioned the Orthodox solution as a “parenthesis” on the plane during his return from a visit to Brazil and it was raised again by some cardinals in their consistory this month in which they said it could happen following “a period of penitence”.
But see, the divorced couples have absolutely nothing to apologize for. A human-inspired joining failed; these things happen. And now they're supposed to submit themselves to "a period of penitence"?! The only penance that is called for is the jailing of every Catholic priest who raped or abetted the rapes of children. I don't hear too much about that from this "moral" church.

Francis is a breath of stale air.

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