April 28, 2012

Religion is a Ponzi scheme

Religion is the most successful kind of Ponzi scheme because it hides the moment of payoff behind the impenetrable barrier of death. There's never any accounting because, ahem, no one survives death.

You have to give them credit for coming up with this one. Not one person has ever come back to say, "You fiends! You liars! How dare you promise me an afterlife?! I'm rotting in my goddamn grave! Damn you!!"

And so it goes. Gullible people will always be drawn to gods, witchcraft and lotteries. And they'll get absolutely nothing for their meaningless efforts and wasted lives.

Way to go, churches! And no one can even prosecute you for your Ponzi scheme! You guys are perfect, untouchable criminals. You must be so proud!


Gary Whittenberger said...

Yes, I agree with you. Another analogy I like is that religion is like a life (after death) insurance policy which people buy, but which never pays off to anyone.

writenow said...

Good example. And thanks for commenting. It helps to hear another voice chime in. Comments are a bit sparse around here.

Motherearthreligion said...

I am a firm believer in a higher power, but it does not include a pedophile priest or dyed haired pastor on tv with a blond wife with ring laden fingers, promising prosperity religion. Just send me a check and I will pave your street with gold and have 7 virgins waiting on you when you die. Lol, help the little widow woman, and the little children who did't ask to be here.m

Anonymous said...

As I was thinking about all the religious mission trips and how they work to sucker more people into various religions to give more money to support more mission trips it dawned on me -- this is one huge Ponzi scheme. so I googled it and found numerous websites saying the same thing. Seems I'm not the only one who figured this out.