April 26, 2012

The planes must go!

Plane hounds innocent flock.
There have been so many stories lately of planes hurting birds. It's insanity! We can't let this go on a minute longer.

Here's what we must do -- we have to stamp planes out at their earliest stage, when they're just "babies". This means closing the factories that build the planes. We must! If we allow them to build more planes, who knows how many innocent geese may die? Surely it's clear that we have to act now.

I urge you to call your congress-critter and tell him or her to lash out at the airplane companies! Kill their incentives. Stamp out their financial streams. And insist that the world bank freeze their assets so they can't start making baby planes elsewhere!

Keep the skies free for birds!

PS: The geese had eight babies last night. They're so cute! I'll take photos soon.

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