April 16, 2012

Not too bloggy today

It's been one of those days, over at my house. First-off, it's 90 degrees on April 16th. What's wrong with this picture? 90 degrees in the northeast at this time of year? What's August going to be like?

Plus a guy came to the house to switch my DVR to an HD system and it took six hours! He kept calling for help from the cable company but no one in India had the answers to his questions. I swear I heard this guy tell 20 different people the story, from start to finish, each time giving all the numbers and codes. How he didn't explode at their incompetence, I don't know.

But the good thing is that he succeeded -- and was one of the nicest guys ever. During the installation we discussed every aspect of our lives. He was an English major and he's basically doing this job to earn money in a bad economy. So I revved him up and by the time he left, he was determined to write a novel and work his way out of his dead-end job.

He was so grateful for the push to write that he gave me his home number, told me his days off and said he'd be happy to help if I ever had any TV problems. And no, it wasn't a gay thing. He's straight and married and believe me when I say I'm positive he's straight. It's just that we really, really talked.

When life gives you lemons...and hey, I finally got HD TV out here in the woods! I'll bet baseball's gonna look a little better, huh?


Artichoke Annie said...

You're going to love the HD. It's all I watch.

writenow said...

It was great. But the lesson I take away is this: If I ever go to a baseball game and sit in the first few rows, I'm going to make damn sure my makeup is perfect. Jeez, you can see everyone!